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Why Join Integra? 

Let our current members tell you why they love coming to Integra and why they believe you should join! 

Sarah, 31

Jamie, 42

The group fitness classes are so fun! Instructors always bring the energy. The variety in the classes make it so easy to come back and do something different every day.

Elise, 34

Trainers are always happy to help or answer any questions I have. Other members always so friendly and happy to have a chat!

Alex, 31

Fitness Passport being accepted is perfect for me! Very convenient  living in north orange and having a gym so close, Easy to drop in before or after work. My partner uses the creche during the morning which is great, loves doing the classes without having to worry about what the kids are doing. 

Helen, 55

The facility is always so clean. Staff always making me feel welcome on arrival. Instructors are amazing, always willing to have a chat after the classes. 

Not boxed in and surrounded by walls, the outlook is amazing. Outdoor walking track is perfect for those days I don't feel like warming up inside. 

Kate, 28

My kids love coming to the creche, Janine is amazing! Always so easy to drop the kids off and know they are in good care.

Fiona, 52

Laura, 23

A gym like no other in orange, floor to ceiling windows allow for a great view while I am training. Doors always open for a great flow of fresh air.

The view and outlook is something you don't usually get in a gym, the ability to have a full view of the sunrise while doing a morning PT session is amazing. Can't get that anywhere else 

Siobhan, 36

Integra is like a second home for me. There is nothing better than having a hard day at work and then going to integra and seeing everyone’s smiling faces and doing a great workout. Great staff, equipment, classes and just a great atmosphere. Perfect for your emotional, mental and physical well-being.”

Andrew, 35

The ability to do my workout outside is awesome. The outdoor training area is so practical for anything I want to do on any given day. 

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